Production of Ethanol from Sugarcane Molasses

  • Harpreet Kaur Guru Arjan of Dev Institute Development Studies 14-Preet Avenue
  • Rajan Keshri
Keywords: Ethanol, Wheat, Sugar beet and cornet, pH 4.5 and urea conc 0.5%


Ethanol is a potential energy source and its production from renewable biomass has gained lot of popularity. There has been worldwide research to produce ethanol from regional inexpensive substrates. The present study deals with the optimization of process parameters (viz Ph, Substrate conc, Urea conc) for ethanol production from sugar cane molasses. Sugar cane molasses are cheapest source of ethanol production it can also produce from wheat, sugar beet and corn etc. The study was carried out by process of parameter optimization. The process parameters   optimized   were   substrate   conc, pH     and   urea   conc. The   values   of   the     process parameters are 30% substrate conc, pH 4.5 and urea conc 0.5%. Fermentation period was 7 to 8 days at 28°C. 


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