Microbiological Sources and Nutritional Value of Single Cell Protein (SCP)

  • Adnan W. H. Al-Mudhafr
  • Abeer M. A. Al-Garawyi
Keywords: Single Cell Protein, Nutritional Value, Microorganisms


Working to achieve food security through the development of a food protein food renewable able to meet the daily dietary needs of protein and the production of food safe and healthy and healthy value added because of its production on the media (substrates) cheap and technological requirements available locally. It is a single-cell proteinĀ  in addition to finding new and radical solutions to the problem of environmental pollution resulting from the dumping of large quantities of incidental substances, which cause a great deal of pollution and the destruction of useful microorganisms and useful and imbalance in the environmental balance, so it is possible to use microorganisms (bacteria, yeasts, fungi, algae) in the production of biomass It can be used to feed both humans and animals.


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