COVID-19 (An International Trauma): A Brief Analysis on Research Trends, Impacts and Solutions

  • Dr. Mahima Sharma
Keywords: COVID-19, Corona Virus, Pneumonia, Immune System, Fatal, Epidemic


Corona virus disease (COVID-19); have been established as an epidemic of the century.  COVID-19, a pandemic is spreading its web throughout the world affecting everyone resulting into mass destruction of populations causing human suffering, creating panic, disturbing everyone economically and stressing all kind of development of entire mankind. COVID-19 is a deadly disease that is supposed to be fatal in 4% of cases. In Severe cases this disease produces enormous respiratory harm like pneumonia, gastrointestinal disorders, weakened immune systems, kidney failure or even death. The pathology of COVID-19 is just similar to SARS and Middle Eastern respiratory syndrome (MERS) corona virus infection. There are no drugs or vaccines for corona viruses yet, including COVID-19. According to WHO Corona virus disease (COVID-19) outbreak situation is persisting with 421,792 confirmed cases ‎and 18,883 confirmed deaths till 23‎ ‎March‎ ‎2020‎. Till now, there are no specific vaccines or treatments for COVID-19. Though, there are multiple of clinical trials, evaluations that may result into potential treatments are ongoing.


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