Effects of Air Pollution on Health and Environment

  • Binesh Kumari Associate Professor, Department of Zoology, M.M.H (PG) College, Ghaziabad, INDIA
Keywords: Environment, Air Pollution, Health Effects, Human


Air pollution is one of the greatest scourges of our day, not only because of its impact on climate change, but also because of its impact on public and individual health due to increased sickness and death. Many contaminants are significant contributors to human disease. Particulate matter (PM), a type of particle with a variable but extremely small diameter that enters the respiratory system through inhalation and causes respiratory and cardiovascular disorders, as well as reproductive and central nervous system dysfunctions, and cancer, is one of them. Last but not least, natural disasters and climate change caused by pollution have an impact on the geographical distribution of many infectious diseases. Only public awareness combined with a multidisciplinary approach by scientific specialists will be able to handle this problem; national and international organizations must address the rise of this threat and suggest long-term remedies.


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