Relationship of Selected Kinematic Variables to The Technique of Pull Shot in Cricket

  • Pushpendra Narvariya Department of Sports Biomechanics, LNIPE, Gwalior, INDIA
  • Joseph Singh Department of Sports Biomechanics, LNIPE, Gwalior, INDIA
Keywords: Kinematic Variables, Pull shot, Cricket


The current study aims to analyze the relationship of selected kinematic variables to the technique of pull shot in cricket. For the purpose of the study the researcher purposively selected five male inter-university cricket players from lnipe, gwalior of 18 to 24 years., the technique of pull shot in batting performance of each selected subjects was recorded on the basis of certain criteria (point system). It was divided into 2 components; 1. placement of feet and 2. execution (contact) each consist of maximum 10 points. The angles at selected joints were recorded to the nearest degree. The c.g. was measured nearest to the 1/10th of the centimetre. On the basis of sequence photographs obtained from the videography, the scholar developed stick figures from which selected kinematic variables was calculated. The center of gravity of whole body was determined by kinovea software. To find the the relationship of selected kinematic variables to the technique of pull shot in cricket pearson product moment correlation coefficient was used by means of spss software. It was found that, in case of moment execution angle at left shoulder joint and angle at left elbow joint showed significant relationship with performance.


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