Effect of Six Week Specific Training Program on Selected Physical Fitness Variables of Basketball Players

  • Pushpendra Narvariya Department of Sports Biomechanics, LNIPE, Gwalior, INDIA
  • Ashish Sharma Faculty of Sports Science, DPSRU, INDIA
  • Jitendra Rajput Sports Officer, Department of Higher Education, Madhya Pradesh, INDIA
Keywords: speed, agility, explosive strength


To systematize the study, ten male basketball players of ABN academy, Noida were randomly selected as subjects for the study. A total of 10 male players age ranged between 15-19 years, of ABN academy Noida, were selected as subject for the study. Variable are selected for the purpose of study, speed, agility, explosive strength- (shoulder and leg). The criterion measure chosen for testing the hypothesis in this study will be : 50 m dash (sec.), 10 x 4 shuttle run (sec.), standing broad jump (mt.), medicine ball through (mt.). The training was carried out for a period of six weeks, three days a week excluding the time consumed for conducting pre-test and post-test. The scholar demonstrated the training for group. Each subject of the training group performed their respective training. Sufficient and required recovery was provided between the tests. The effect of six-week specific training program on selected fitness variables of male basketball players by employing the paired t-test method and for testing the hypothesis the level of significance was set at 0.05. The result of the study indicated that there is no significant effect of given training programme on speed because speed is more a heredity factor than training. But as per the result of the study there is a significant effect on leg explosive strength, agility and shoulder strength.


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