In Vitro Shoot Regeneration and Rooting of Piper Longum L.: A valuable Medicinal Plant

  • DLCK Fonseka
  • WWUI Wickramaarachchi
Keywords: Growth Regulators, In Vitro, Large Scale, Medicinal, Piper Longum L., Propagation


Piper longum L (Long pepper), of family Piperaceae, is an important medicinal plant in Sri Lanka. Cultivation of Piper longum L. till recently was not very common and still it is extensively collected from the wild owing to the increasing demand from the pharmaceutical industry, threatening the very existence of the plant. Poor seed viability and low germination, scanty and delayed rooting of vegetative cuttings restrict its propagation through sexual and vegetative propagation methods indicating a need of alternative approaches such as in vitro techniques for large scale propagation of this medicinally important plant.  Therefore, this study was conducted to develop an effective in vitro propagation protocol for Long pepper using nodal segments as ex plants, obtained from a shade house grown mature plant. Murashige and Skoog (MS) medium was used throughout the experiment. For shoot proliferation, MS medium supplemented with combination of 1-Naphthalene acetic acid (NAA), Kinetin (KIN) and different levels of N6-benzylaminopurine (BAP) were used. In vitro rooting was achieved to 50% strength MS basal medium containing 1mg/L. The highest frequency of multiple shoot regeneration, that is 87.5% and the maximum number of, 36-40 shoots/ex plants in one sub culture (within 8 weeks after inoculation) were observed in MS media containing BAP (3 mg/L), KIN (0.5mg/L) and NAA (0.2mg/L). The maximum number of roots (6-8 per plantlet) were obtained in 50% MS basal medium + glucose (15 g/L) + Ascorbic acid (100 mg/ L) and gelled with 0.8% (w/v) agar supplemented with NAA (1 mg/L). In vitro rooted shoots were successfully acclimatized in the shade house conditions. Therefore, it is possible to deduce that the current protocol is promising for in vitro mass propagation of Piper longum L. to solve the reproduction and cultivation problem of the plant.


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