How to Write an Academic Essay

  • Pohandoy Ali Muhammad Khoshhal Faryab University, AFGHANISTAN.
Keywords: Essay, Language, Writing, Organization, Plan, References, introduction, outline, conclusion, preface, abstract


Writing is one of the most well-known phenomena that may help a civilization evolve and improve. Writing is how a society's knowledge, literature, and culture are passed down from generation to generation for millennia. Writing, as a significant aspect of civilization, should be constantly improved, updated, and given special attention so that it can carry knowledge across generations in the most efficient manner possible. We all know that writing is a difficult process that needs more thought and time. This difficult activity needs extreme care in order to be completed correctly. In this study topic, I've covered a wide range of topics related to essay writing, including how to write an essay, the stages to writing an essay, why write an essay, prewriting, and how to research, prepare, and write an essay.

The purpose of the research on this topic is, in the first how to research and write an academic essay, steps and plans of writing an essay, essay writing checklist and the structure of the traditional essay writing and in secondly, familiarity with the method and kind of research is considered in this topic.

The product and result of the research work on this topic is, the study of vague details in the field of scientific research; especially, essay writing (basic essay structure, steps in the essay writing process and …) which has added to the richness of this scientific – research article.

Aim: My purpose to write this topic is to make clear how someone can write one literature essay by using best method of writing and best structure of essay. It is so much good for me to search about this subject because I faced with some words that before I never read it.


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