Amir Korer Suri as the First Poet of Pashto

  • Ghulam Sakhi Himat Faryab University, Maymana, AFGHANISTAN.
  • Azizurahman Haqyaar Faryab University, Maymana, AFGHANISTAN.
Keywords: Pashto, the first poetry of Pashto, Amir korer suri, first period of Pashto literature, epic poetry, valor and pride


The martial and epic poem by Jahan Pahlavan Amir Krorr Suri is the most notable and magnificent historical poetic record that illustrates the history of Pashto poetry. It is a beautiful example of our literature in terms of vitality and style, true Pashto language, metre, and rhyme. This poem's features may be stated as follows: It is an antique manuscript that demonstrates the existence of Pashto literature about the year 130 H. (752 A.D.). It demonstrates that the language was developed to the point that superb martial poetry was produced in it throughout the first century of the Islamic period. It may be determined from this that it was not a novel language. It was certainly at least five centuries old when Amir Krore discovered it, and it had a rich literary history to achieve such acclaim.


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