Finite Integral Involving the Modified Generalized Aleph-Function of Two Variables Extension and Generalized Extented Hurwitz’s Zeta Function

  • Frédéric Ayant Teacher in High School, FRANCE
  • Prvindra Kumar D. J. College, Baraut, INDIA
Keywords: double Mellin-Barnes integrals contour, arcsin function, extension of M-series, Generalized modified Aleph-function of two variables, generalized modified I-function of two variables, generalized modified H-function, of two variables, generalized modified Meijer-function, of two variables Aleph-function of two variables, I-function of two variables, H-function of two variables, Meijer G-function of two variables, extented Zta function


In the present paper, we evaluate the general finite integral invoving the generalized Zeta function and the modified of generalized Aleph-function of two variables.


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