Tuta absoluta; A Devastating Pest of Tomato: A Review

  • Abichal Poudel G.P Koirala College of Agriculture and Research Center, NEPAL.
  • Karuna Kafle G.P Koirala College of Agriculture and Research Center, NEPAL.
Keywords: Bio-control, Chemical control, Distribution, Efficacy, IPM, Tuta absoluta


Tomato (Solanum lycopersicum L.) is a very important vegetable crop of the world. However, there is a huge loss in tomato production due to pest and disease incidence. Tomato leaf miner is a devastating pest of tomato and other Solanaceous crops in many vegetable crop growing areas around the world and it also attacks non-solanaceous crops. The larva is the most devastating stage of tomato leaf miner. After egg hatching, the larvae feed on tomato fruits, leaves, flower buds, and young shoots and create mines and galleries. Larval feeding may reduce tomato production by 80-100 % in an open field as well as in a plastic house if no control measures are carried out. Chemical control has been found ineffective due to a wide host range and has developed resistance to dozens of pesticides. Hence, Integrated Pest Management (IPM) practices involving mass trapping of the pest using pheromone trap, biological control by a predator, parasitoid, entomopathogenic microbes, including cultural practices should be implemented for the effective control of this pest.


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