Digital Image Processing a Formal Grammar Approach

  • Mohinee Singh
  • Hina Khan
  • Rahul Gupta
Keywords: Grey Scale, Automata, Context Free Grammar, Generalization, Specialization, Chomsky Normal Form


In this research paper, authors proposed an approach in which the size reduction and speed enhancement of file or document takes place and to achieve this process, methods of grey scale in Digital Image Processing, which refers to processing of digital images by means of a digital computer; Chomsky Normal Form (CNF) process for merging in one of the three forms namely, two non-terminal symbol, one terminal symbol or null; and process splitting through context free grammar (CFG), is used. In initial procedure for a file, we have to allocate two places for a file. The first one is non- converted (original file) and the other one is converted (greyscale file), which has reduced the size of a file. Thereafter, further splitting of the file is processed by context free grammar. By this approach, split portions allocate an address, which are displayed on the calling of the required part.


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