Investigation of Some Immunological Markers in Covid-19 Vaccinated Individuals: A Review Article

  • Sulaiman M. Hasan Collage of Dentistry, Al-Farahidi University, IRAQ
Keywords: COVID pandemic, virus, immunological markers, vaccinated


The COVID 19 pandemic has caused great havoc amongst the people in society across the globe. It has affected people both physically and emotionally. The epicentre of the virus has been attributed to Wuhan, from where it spread in the different parts of the globe. Vaccination emerged as one of the best solutions to deal with the proliferation of the virus. It also helped people to protect themselves against hospitalization and reduced death rates. The researcher has used Secondary sources to gather information and data related to the immunological markers in Covid-19 vaccinated population. A major immune marker is the manufacturing of neutralizing antibodies. However, the further implication in this aspect is still under research by scientists.


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