Membrane Electrode Assembly based on Sulfonated Polystyrene as Proton Exchange Membrane for Application in Microbial Fuel Cell

  • L. Aferta
  • G. Syahbirin
  • S. Mulijani
Keywords: Membrane Electrode Assembly, Sulfonated polystyrene, Nafion, Microbial Fuel Cell


A novel membrane electrode assembly(MEA) basedonsulfonated polystyrene was synthesized and applied to a microbial fuel cell (MFCs). In this study, membrane electrode assembly made of sulfonated polystyrene (SPS) and nafion membrane were fabricated by combining 20% AgNO3/C catalystink. The performance of membrane electrode assemblybased sulfonated polystyrene (SPS) and nafion were evaluated by measuring proton conductivity and power density.This sulfonated polystyrene of membrane electrode assembly(SPS-MEA) revealed power density was higher than that nafion non activated membrane, this is considered for membrane application of proton exchange membrane (PEM). The presence of sulfonation groups of polystyrene was characterized by Fouriertransform infrared (FTIR) and nuclearmagnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopy. The membranetopographybefore and after the fuel cell process treatment was investigatedby atomicforce microscopy (AFM).


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