Nutritional Effects on Dairy Cattle Fertility

  • Alragubi. S. M. Department of Animal Production, Faculty of Agriculture, Bani Walid, University, LIBYA
  • Dr. Naser Estuty Libyan Authority for Scientific Research, Libyan Olive Tree Research Center, LIBYA
Keywords: diet, energy balance, fatty acids, non-structural carbohydrates, protein


Dairy cow fertility has declined in recent decades, coincidental with large increases in milk production. The problem is often considered being nutritional and can be corrected through dietary adjustment. The interaction between nutrition and reproduction is poorly tuned, and study results are often contradictory. Nutrition is an important component of successful reproduction, but dietary change to improve pregnancy rates is complicated, and merely offering pastured cows a supplement is unlikely to result in large effects, say authors. The effect of energy balance, carbohydrate type, protein and fat on reproductive outcomes will be considered.


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