Numerical Solution of Nonlinear Equations in Maple

  • Qani Yalda Faculty of Education, Faryab University, Faryab, AFGHANISTAN
Keywords: Numerical method, Bisection method, Newton's method, Secant method


The main purpose of this paper is to obtain the real roots of an expression using the Numerical method, bisection method, Newton's method and secant method. Root analysis is calculated using specific, precise starting points and numerical methods and is represented by Maple. In this research, we used Maple software to analyze the roots of nonlinear equations by special methods, and by showing geometric diagrams, we examined the relevant examples. In this process, the Newton-Raphson method, the algorithm for root access, is fully illustrated by Maple. Also, the secant method and the bisection method were demonstrated by Maple by solving examples and drawing graphs related to each method.


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