Public Perception of Nursing as a Profession

  • Sreeja
  • Dr. Nageshwar V.
Keywords: Public Perception, Nursing as a Profession


A person who has completed a basic nursing education programmed and is licensed in his\her country to practice professional nursing is a professional nurse. This paper aims to identify public perception of nursing as a profession. Method: A comprehensive systematic search of published literature and journal articles from PubMed and EBSCOHOST databases was done. Search strategy specific to each database was used. During initial search 1642 titles were retrieved and after screening 11 articles were selected for full text screening. Finally 5 research articles were selected based on the inclusion criteria. Result: Out of 5 articles, 3 research studies finding showed positiveperception of nursing as a profession. Almost all of participant in these study perceived nursing as anopportunity to serve humanity; Participants agreed that our prejudice society has great influence on nursing students in choosing nursing profession as their career. Conclusion: The social media having an impact over imageof nursing as a profession. As several study findings showedthatnursing career is not respected career, society have negative view to the nursing profession. Because of this image students don’t want to choose nursing as their profession. On other hand some study results says that nursing students are motivated by extrinsic factor such as good salary, stability and low stress.


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