Comparative Study of Antioxidant Activity and ROS Production Profile among Clarias batrachus, Cirrhinus reba, Channa punctatus (Freshwater Species)

  • Mr. Utkalendu suvendusekhar Samantaray Research Associate, Dept. of Vaccine Development, Virchow Biotech Pvt Ltd, Hyderabad, INDIA
  • Ms. Arpita Patro Department of Biotechnology, MITS School of Biotechnology, Bhubaneswar, Odisha-751024, INDIA
Keywords: Antioxidant activity, ROS production, freshwater species


Fish account fifty percent of entire vertebrates present on the planet. They can be found practically in every possible aquatic habitats; from the 39,900 species of vertebrates, 21,723 are fishes with 8,411 being freshwater species while 11,650 being marine. There are about 2,500 species of fishes are present in India out of which 930 of them living in freshwater and 1,570 in the ocean. So, in the present study, we collected three fresh water fish’s i.e. Clarias batrachus, Cirrhinus reba, Channa punctatus from the river Mahanadi. Information on the comparative account of antioxidant protection in these fishes from Mahanadi river is relatively scanty. As a result, the purpose of this research was to explore the proximate composition of the three popularly used Fresh water fish species from the river Mahanadi. The result of the present study involved an integrated study of muscle tissue of C. batrachus, C. reba and C. punctatus which shows alteration in lipid per oxidation, hydrogen peroxide and antioxidant defence system. Results of this investigation suggest that C. reba were considered as a highly proteinaceous fish for which they are widely used in food industries. Still, more research work is required to explore the nutritional value of various types of fish muscles and their products.


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Author Biography

Mr. Utkalendu suvendusekhar Samantaray, Research Associate, Dept. of Vaccine Development, Virchow Biotech Pvt Ltd, Hyderabad, INDIA

Mr. Utkalendu Suvendusekhar Samantaray has been completed his masters in biotechnology from MITS School of biotechnology affiliated under Utkal university. He has worked on many research papers including biochemistry, anti-oxidant development, plant growth microbes, nanotechnology etc.


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