Anatomical Study of Some Species of the Brassicaceae Family

  • Ahmed Hassan Kadhim College of Science, University of Kufa, IRAQ
  • Ahmed Abies Moter College of Science, University of Kufa, IRAQ
Keywords: Anatomical, Brassicaceae, Radish, Rocket, Longipinntus


Study complete in postgraduate laboratories at the College of Science, Department of Biology, University of Kufa.

The anatomical study revealed a variation in the formation of complex cells and epidermal cells, where they differed in their shapes and were irregular with wavy ridges and on the axial surfaces in R. sativusvar red L. and R. sativuslongipinntus L. Their walls were weak jagged in only R. raphenstrum. Also, the stomata were located on both sides of the leaf blade, and the upper epidermis contained fewer stomata compared to the lower epidermis.


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