A Review Article on Effect of Parity on Litter Traits of Goat

  • Diwas Bhugai Institute of Agriculture and Animal Science, Lamjung Campus, Tribhuwan University, NEPAL.
  • Prativa Sharma Institute of Agriculture and Animal Science, Rampur Campus, Tribhuwan University, NEPAL.
  • S. P. Sharma Institute of Agriculture and Animal Science, Rampur Campus, Tribhuwan University, NEPAL.
Keywords: Non-genetic factors, Parity, Litter traits, Litter Size, Litter Weight, Survivability


Goat rearing is one of the popular professions of people in the world. Maintenance of productive herds for overall productivity is important from an economic point of view for farmers. Along with the improvement of reproductive and productive performance, improvement of litter traits is also important for generating more profits from goat farming.  This is the review paper prepared with the help of many collected scientific papers from journals, research papers, proceedings, annual reports, master, and Postgraduate thesis. This review paper illustrates the effect of parity as a non-genetic/environmental factor on litter traits of goat-like litter size at birth and weaning, litter weight at birth and weaning, and Pre-weaning Kids survivability based upon the finding of the previous papers. The finding of this paper focuses on the improvement of litter traits of goat that is possible with proper breeding programs, selection, and culling of an unproductive doe from the herd.


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