Super Bacteria: A New Hope of Manufacturing Spider Silk in an Efficient Way

  • Chandrayee Talukdar Dumdum Motijheel College, INDIA
  • Swastik Sastri Dumdum Motijheel College, INDIA
Keywords: RIKEN centre for sustainable science, spidroin, split intein


The important properties of spider dragline silk and other protein polymers will find many applications. We have demonstrated the production of spider silk, which has many important properties, are produced from the bacteria including Escherichia coli. The productions of high molecular weight spider drag line encoded by synthetic genes. Silk protein can be efficiently produced by the microbial system has become an advantageous method like quick secretion and simple product recovery has become an efficient method .From the observation of various experiments done by several scientists has shown silk made in laboratory. The study of RIKEN centre for sustainable resource science has shown that spider silk can be produce huge amount. Observation shown that joining of the fragments by split intein sequence  which then cut itself to yield full name protein .Spun into fibers make the microbial spider silk tough , stretchable and stronger. Better modification of bioengineering can increase the amount of production.


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