Relationship between Classroom Research, Teacher Research and Action Research

  • Ajmal Shahim Faryab University, AFGHANISTAN
Keywords: Research, Teacher, Language, Teaching, Classroom Research, Teacher Research, Action Research


Classroom Research, Teacher Research, and Action Research are three methods that are often misunderstood. Classroom analysis is research undertaken in language classrooms that reflects on participation in the lessons; the Research’s emphasis as well as the environment in which the data is obtained characterizes it. For language teachers and the discipline as a whole, doing classroom Research may be helpful. Teacher research is classified as research performed by the Teacher; in other words, the person who performs the thesis specifies it. The iterative cyclic procedures of preparing, behaving, observing, evaluating, and replanting are used in action analysis to address challenges and develop local practice.

The aim of this analysis is to evaluate the distinctions between classroom research, Teacher research, and Action research, as well as familiarity with the research method in this field.

The analysis of vague information in the field of science research, particularly research in the classroom, professorial research, and practical research in language teaching, is the product and result of the research work on this subject, which has added to the richness of this scientific – research essay.

 Aim- Receiving correct and necessary knowledge on these three forms of Research in the field of English language and literature, as well as a brief summary of systematic and general research on classroom research, Teacher training, and Action research in language teaching classrooms.


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