Investigation of Effective Factors on Calving Interval of Cows in Faryab Province

  • Saifullah Saadat Department of Livestock, Agriculture Faculty, Faryab University, AFGHANISTAN
Keywords: Cattle, Calving interval, Diseases of the reproductive system and nutrition, Insemination


This research was conducted to investigate the effects of factors (Identification of female cows, timely insemination of identified begging cows, diseases related to the reproductive system and nutrition) on the calving interval of dairy cows in Faryab province. Whereas, the long interval between two deliveries due to the identification of female cows, the increase in the number of inseminations (due to the failure of previous insemination), poor nutritional management and genital infections cause a long interval between calving to retrieval of cows. In that case, it will significantly reduce milk production and livestock income, because calving interval is one of the most important indicators of reproduction and economic characteristics of dairy cows, which is the interval between two calving intervals. Under the best of circumstances, one cow gives birth to only one calf per year. Calves born are important from both the point of view of meat production and replacement of old and low-producing cows. Identifying the effective factors and their effects on the calving interval between dairy cows and preventing the economic losses of dairy farmers due to increasing the calving interval between calves are the general purpose of this research. In this research, Andkhoy, Qurghan and other Faryab districts were randomly selected from three villages in each district and 10 owners from each village, which included three districts, 9 villages and nine livestock, respectively. The results of the present research showed that the interval between calving of dairy cows in the research area was due to the untimely identification of female cows by herders, increasing the number of inseminations due to the failure of previous inseminations of diseases related to the reproductive system and inadequate nutrition. The average time after delivery for the uterus to return to its previous state was 465 days.


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