Kinematic Analysis of Different Group in Basketball with the Technique of Jump Shot

  • Pankaj Arya LNIPE, Gwalior (M.P), INDIA
  • Dr. Y. S. Rajpoot LNIPE, Gwalior (M.P), INDIA
Keywords: Kinovea software, Kinematic, Basketball, Technique of Jump Shot


The purpose of the present study was to kinematics analysis with selected Kinematic variables among three group G1 short height, G2 medium height and G3 tall players in basketball. Thirty (N=30) Basketball player of Basketball academy from NBA Academy Indore are purposively selected as a subject for present study. Further it was divided into three different heights groups of Ten (N=10), subjects each, the first group was heighted from 155 to 165 cm, second group was heighted from 166 to 175 cm  and third group was heighted from 176cm and above respectively. The entire subject ranged between ages 15 to 21 years. Videography method was used to biomechanically analysis the selected moments i.e. execution of Jump shot in Basketball. The selected kinematic variables such as Displacement of CG, player’s CG height during ball release and velocity of the ball during ball release were selected for the present study. Kinovea software was used in order to obtain the values of selected kinematic from developed stick figure. For the purpose of this study ANOVA test was used. The level of significance was set at 0.05. The result reveled significant difference in player’s cg height during ball release but the researcher failed to get the significant result in displacement of cg and velocity of the ball during ball release.


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