Examination of the Implementation and Utilization of Optical Fibers Beams: A Review

  • Mazullah Karimi Department of Physic, Education Faculty, Faryab University, Faryab, AFGHANISTAN
Keywords: MCVD, Coherent and Monochromatic Light, Refractive Index, Optical Fibers, Dispersion


For light propagation purposes, the optical fibers that are known as waveguides can be applied. A glass or plastic film called cladding covers the central portion of the optical fiber, and is distinguished by a refractive index that is lower relative to the main refractive index. For the fine confines of the light inside the waveguide, the overall internal reflection phenomena are necessary. It is possible to categorize optical fibers according to shape, number of modes, refractive index profile, dispersion, signal processing power, and polarization. We are concentrating on the first three typical forms of optical fibers in this article. This may be used in fiber beams as a typical application of fibers to generate and intensify a small, powerful beam of coherent and monochromatic light. Optical fiber processing requires three steps, such as the development of performs. The process of adjusted chemical vapor deposition (MCVD) is a recognized technique that can be used to manufacture optical fibers. Optical fiber sensors are well known in optics and photonics for their large variety of applications. Optical biosensors can be developed as a sensing application focused on refractive index changes that are commonly utilized for the identification of biomolecules in their natural forms.


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