Bioinformatics Analysis of B. Abortus Strain 2308 Protein and Its Drug Docking

  • Rajan Keshri Research Scholar, Wel 'N' Wil Life Science Health and Research Center, INDIA
  • Harpreet Kaur Research Director, Wel 'N' Wil Life Science Health and Research Center, INDIA
  • Dhanashri R. Patil Research Scholar, Wel 'N' Wil Life Science Health and Research Center, INDIA
  • Nilesh N. Sonawane Research Scholar, Wel 'n' Wil Life Science Health and Research Center, INDIA
Keywords: Brucellosis, Brucella abortus, bioinformatics, protein homology modelling, structure prediction, infectious diseases, drug docking


Brucellosis is among the fast-spreading disease on Earth causing casualties in livestock as well as in humans. It’s an alarming situation to kick off the study of Brucellosis causing agent. Brucellosis is an infective sickness caused by Brucella abortus. Here, we have carried out the Insilco analysis of Brucella abortus strain 2308. This strain is mainly responsible for the disease. Here, we have tried to study the B. abortus strain 2308 by the means of bioinformatics methodology. We have run several Insilco tools to predict its structure and function. Moreover, we have carried out the methodology of protein homology modelling on this strain. Furthermore, we have also carried out several protein chain analyses, protein-protein interface, structure alignment, structure prediction and active site prediction. To make our study more productive we have also performed drug docking. These results will add on a little info in the emerging bioinformatics data regarding Brucella abortus.


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