Study of Availability and Productivity of Automated Lines

  • A. M. Ahmed Alwaise University of Mosul
  • Omer Haitham Kanam University of Mosul
Keywords: Reliability, Indices, Industrial Machines


In area of manufacturing, the indices of each manufacturing machine are the productivity and goodness of products. The theory of reliability is closely related to Indices of productivity, the both theories the efficiency of machines, and optimizations one. The reliability of machines has been guessed by standard indices of the theory of reliability. The main index of reliability of every manufacturing machine is its availability. However, indicated the reliability of industrial machines with complicate design have not expressed in equations of the productivity. These indices of accuracy should be a component of equations of a productivity of a machine and reflects changes of a productivity rate one on changes of indices of reliability and mechanical parameters of a machine. The availability has been included the equations of the machines productivity rate, therefore the reliability of machines is the integrated indication. The machines reliability with complicate design such as automated lines relies also on construction and technical data. The output modelling has been reported the output result with availability for the automated lines, defining their structures according to the grade of reliability and productivity as a task of technical motif of manufacturing machines with complex designs.


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