Spirituality and Attitude towards Death among Senior Citizens with Special Reference to Bengaluru, India

  • Roopini Radhakrishnan
Keywords: Old Age, Attitude towards Death and Dying, Fear Of Death, Spirituality


Death is an unpredictable and undeniable event that occurs in everyone’s life regardless of age, time, place etc. One of the common experiences for those are unprepared for this reality is Anxiety. The attitude of senior citizens towards death vary from person to person and they adopt different strategies to cope with their anxieties. Spiritual practice is one of the coping strategies adopted by senior citizens. The present study tries to examine the association between spirituality and attitudes towards death among 100 senior citizens ( 65 years and above) in residential houses and in old age homes. Participants were asked to respond to two different questionnaires namely, Death Attitude Profile-Revised developed by Wong, Recker, Gosser (1994) and Spirituality Experience Index- Revised developed by Genia, V (1991) including a 32-item and 23-item respectively.  Data was collected during March-April, 2018 by using SPSS software and data were analysed using the statistical tools namely, simple percentages, means, standard deviation, Pearson's correlation, t-Test and ANOVA. The scale had a high level of internal consistency, as determined by a Cronbach's alpha of 0.712. The study concludes that higher the level of spirituality (spiritual openness) lower the level of fear of death. Those with higher level of spirituality avoid thinking and talking about death to be away from anxiety. There is a negative correlation between spirituality and positive dimension of attitude towards death (Escape acceptance) higher the level of spirituality, lower the attitude towards escape acceptance (death as an escape from a painful existence) but there was no correlation between spiritual support and any of the death attitude dimensions.


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