Intra Vaginal Drug Delivery System (Novel Drug Delivery System)

  • Ankit Kumar College of Pharmacy-Agra, (Approved by AICTE New Delhi & PCI), Affiliated to Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Technical University (Lucknow), INDIA
  • Sanjeev Kumar College of Pharmacy-Agra, (Approved by AICTE New Delhi & PCI), Affiliated to Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Technical University (Lucknow), INDIA
Keywords: VDDS, LHRH, vaginal immunization, bioadhesion, HYAFF


In case of intra-vaginal route of drug administration the dosage form is applied vaginally for the convenient release of the dosage form and for better therapeutic action of the medicament, it is usually used in HIV patients. many conditions that affect the  female reproductive tract, such as , sexually transmitted diseases, fungal & bacterial infections,  cancer and various pathogens such as virus (human immunodeficiency virus, HIV), bacteria (Gardnerella vaginalis), fungi (Candida spp.) or parasites (Trichomonas vaginalis). Systemically active drugs (contraceptive steroids) as well as locally active drugs (metronidazole Zidovudine, Lamivudine) can be effectively delivered for an extended period of time by the help of intra-vaginal  controlled release system. Continuous infusion of drugs through vaginal mucosa results in the reduced possibilities of Hepatic- gastrointestinal first-pass metabolism, gastric impatience of drugs and vacillation of dosing interval. Current study focus on the, use of various polymers which are used in hydrogels, these polymers provide bioadhesive property to the vaginal formulations, so that the vaginal formulation remains on vaginal tissues for 3- 4 days. Currently available vaginal dosage forms have several limitations, such as leakage and messiness necessitating the need to develop novel drug delivery systems.


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