Comparative Effect of Different Modes of Nitrogen Application on Mineral Nutrients in Grains of Rice (Oryza Sativa L.) Grown At Two Different Locations in Bareilly

  • Vikas Jain
Keywords: Minerals, Puddling, Tillering, Panicle Initiation, Oryza Sativa


During Kharif season of 2014-15, field experiment were conducted at two different locations (Bilwa and Nawabganj) of Tarai region near Bareilly district (U.P., North India). Split applications of nitrogen fertilizer gave significantly higher values of Ca and Fe than those of basal applications at both the sites. However, site Bilwa was found to be more conducive for var. Jaya in respect to almost all mineral nutrients. For the chosen variety, split applications of nitrogen responded well for the mineral status, as compared to the full basal application.


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