Studies on the Ulexite Breakdown Process of Sulfuric Acid

  • Dr. Hanumant Singh Chouhan Associate Professor, Department of Chemistry, S.M.C.C. Govt. College, Aburoad- 307026, Rajasthan, INDIA
Keywords: Effect of SO42-, boron minerals, Sulfuric Acid


The highest fraction of the boron deposits in the world are found in India. Ulexite, one of the most commonly available boron minerals, has the chemical formula Na2O•2CaO•5B2O3•16H2O and the shape of triclinic crystals and is generally used in the manufacture of boric acid. This research explores the dissolution mechanism of ulexite in H2SO4 solution for high solid to liquid ratios and the influence of acid concentration on the dissolution process using H2SO4, HCl + H2SO4 and H2SO4 + Na2SO4 solutions. This study investigates the effect of SO42- on the dissolution process. The study of the experimental results reveals that increasing SO42- concentration decreased the dissolution rate due to the precipitation of a solid CaSO4 and CaSO2•H2O film, but the dissolution rate improved by increasing H3O+ acid concentration.



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