Forecasting the Protocol for Microwave Radiation Availed Forced Degradation of the Drug Molecules

  • Pratik M. Tailor
  • Dr. Shailesh A. Shah
Keywords: Drug Stability, Forced Degradation, Protocol, Factors


The Forced degradation and stability testing involve the foremost time portion in researching the chemistry of the molecules. To obtain a green and fast technique for forced degradation study of the drug molecules, microwave radiation is adopted for the studies in the recent scenario. The drug development life cycle may be a long process that additionally involves ample efforts within the testing of the chemical stability of the drug molecules and potential impurity and degradation product of the drug before it comes within the sort of stable formulation. This shows the vital development within the forced degradation methodology by this innovative approach.  As the approach is new it requires a methodical protocol, the paper presents suitable factorial setups for the described application.


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