Causes of Delays in Construction Projects in Faryab/Afghanistan

  • Nurafzal Qaytmas
Keywords: Construction Projects, Delay Causes, Faryab


One of the most important goals in construction projects management is to complete the project in a certain time. Projects success can be considered as doing work at a reasonable cost, quality and at the right time and delay is one of the most important and frequent phenomena in construction projects and in terms of cost, quality and time has a negative impact on project success.

From in-depth literature studies, twenty-three causes of delay were identified. Questionnaires were then developed and sent to 50 carefully selected construction industry stakeholders including: clients, contractors, and consultants in Faryab/Afghanistan.

In this research, the causes of delays in construction of Maimana city urban asphalt road 32.805 km projects have been identified. Numerous factors such as: insecurity, corruption, low experience of the contractors technical team, late payment of invoices by the project owner, poor management and monitoring of the site by the contractor and Contractor's joint venture can cause delays in projects.


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