Comprehension of Immune–Microbiota in the Digestion: Review Article

  • Ayad M. Gaidan
  • Dhefaf Radhi Madhi
  • Qasim S. Al-Mayah
Keywords: immune system, microbiota, gut, autoimmune, disease


Microbiotas have a essential role on the training, induction, and function on immune system host. in response, the immune system has main evolvement and relation with different types microbes. When microbiota and the immune system operated in best and optimal way, this correlation allow to induce a defensive responses to a certain  pathogens and preserve pathways to regulate inoffensive antigens. Nevertheless, the elimination of nematodes and the changing in diet has a selective microbiota that can tolerate, and diverse with the immune responses. This occurrence is established to account the theatrical rise in inflammatory disorder and the autoimmune. This review article aimed to understand the correlation between gut microbiota and the immune system and its impact, effect and link with disease, host and the health of the body, as well as the role and the impact of gut microbiota on the overabundance of pathologies. Additionally, the biomedical effect and importance was discussed as well precisely, the interaction between the host and the microbiota. In spite of the huge progress in the techniques, instruments and pathways, it is much easier now to demonstrate a basic mechanism that highlighted this interaction.


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