Effects of Tillage and Fertilizer Application on Soil Physico-Chemical Properties in Pearl Millet Field in Northen-Central Namibia

  • NS Nwodom
  • PN Nweze
Keywords: Soil, Pysico-chemical, Tillage, Fertilizer, Pearl Millet


The influence of Physico-chemical properties of soil as affected by tillage systems and fertilizer applications as it hasa direct bearing on plant growth and cropping systems sustainability. The study conducted a field experiment during the 2020/2021 cropping season at the Ogongo Campus of the University of Namibia, using a split-plot design for determining the effects of different tillage systems and fertilizer applications on soil nutritional characteristics. The triangular method was applied to the settling method results to determine physical soil texture. The effects of tillage and fertilizer on different soil physical and chemical properties were tested using Parametric Analysis of Variance.  The results depicted that a predominant sandy loam characteristic is possessed by the soil. Further, it was shown that tillage effects were statistically significantly different on N (p < 0.001), P (p = 0.013), K (p = 0.004). Similarly, fertilizers influenced soil N, P, and K, with respective p-values of 0.076; <0.001 and 0.044. Interaction between tillage and fertilizers has shown significant statistical differences in all three elements (Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium). The study concluded that the adoption of appropriate fertilizer management combined with suitable tillage practice can enhance soil fertility and improve crop production since soil physicochemical properties are influenced by soil tillage and fertilizer practices.


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