Greener and Efficient Synthesis of Benzodiazepines Using Mixed Ferriteunder Solvent Free Condition

  • Suryawanshi Venkat S.
Keywords: Ferrite, Benzodiazepine, Green Catalyst, Solvent free synthesis


The Ferrite material Zn0.6Ni0.2Cu0.2Fe2O4 was synthesized via sol-gel auto-combustion method and characterized by its TG and DTA. The crystallographic structures were studied by XRD. Shape, size and structure of the powder samples were confirmed by SEM and TEM analysis. The synthesis of benzodiazepines via one-pot two-component condensation reaction of o-phenylene diamine and ketones carried by using synthesized ferrite as a recyclable catalyst. This synthetic approach eliminates the use of hazardous organic solvents with the important advantage of ease separation process and repeat use of the catalyst without affecting the yield as well as purity.


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