Influence of Some Physicochemical Properties on the Quality of Honey

  • Amir Zenunović
  • Edina Srabović
  • Husejin Keran
Keywords: Honey Quality, Analysis, Physical and Chemical Properties, Beekeeping


One of the most important agricultural activities is certainly beekeeping, which significantly contributes to the preservation of biodiversity and the improvement of agricultural and, above all, fruit production.

In its approach to the European Union, Bosnia and Herzegovina follows the trends and harmonizes its legal legislation in many segments that relate to agriculture and beekeeping as its very important segment.

According to the available land per capita, Bosnia and Herzegovina does not lag behind European countries, because it has a great potential for agricultural production that has not been used.

The application of legal norms in beekeeping production is the basis for success in production, as well as health and food quality.

The primary goal of this study was to determine the influence of physicochemical properties on honey quality. Data collection was performed on the basis of honey analysis of four producers from the area of ​​Tuzla, Lukavac, Živinice and Bihać. The analysis was performed on February 18, 2020. to 25.02.2020. years.

The analysis of samples and their physico-chemical parameters proved that there are statistically significant differences between the examined types of honey. The analysis of the main components was performed with the aim of detecting the difference in quality.

The analysis of the processed data was performed in the statistical program IBM SPSS.


Download data is not yet available.


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