Casualties Caused by COVID-19 on Education System

  • Harpreet Kaur Harpreet Guru Arjan of Dev Institute Development Studies 14-Preet Avenue
  • Rajan Keshri
  • Anjali Sharma
Keywords: COVID-19, Education System, School, Colleges, Teaching Practices, Pandemic, Problems


Ascend from obliteration above, brief details on setbacks required. We have to tolerate a lot of COVID-19 interference. The quality of each association is down. It has given our socially interfacing network a major smash of. Every association which depends on social cooperation is closed. Likewise, as we work out how to collaborate and develop our social and communication skills, colleges and colleges are facing a lot of problems. Other than going to the instructional rehearsals change. Criticism about the presentation is weak. In this pandemic case, they need to deal with a lot of issues. The circumstance in which communication network interaction can cause disease dissemination across the network. And here in this study, in the time of COVID-19, we have discussed nearly all the problems faced by the training process.

The exposer of the problem is just as critical as the development of achievement. Before and even if we know that we can't survive how many challenges we have. An agreement was required to tackle any problem. Plans are also carried out after all of the problems are understood. Then we tried to mention all the challenges that the preparation system for its resilience in the time of the pandemic had to face.


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