Wine Production from Different Types of Fruit Peels and Beta vulgaris

  • Vaishnavi Fulari
  • Pooja Kaldate
  • Aishwarya Ghatge
  • Miss. Rukamini Potdar
Keywords: Wine production, Fruit peels, Beta vulgaris, Fermentation, Saccharomyce cerevisiae


The process of wine making begins with selection of fruit. Adding the pulp of Beta vulgaris with the different types of fruit waste peels, helps to increase the alcohol percentage and it gives natural color to the wine. The wine is produced by using the Saccharomayces cerevisiae. Primary and Secondary fermentation of these  material is done for 7 to 28 days respectively, during which aliquots sample analysis of pH, alcohol estimation, Protein estimation, Carbohydrate estimation, Ash percentage, etc were carried out using standard procedure. During the fermentation period, consistent increase in alcohol content was observed with the time. This study shows that acceptable wine can be produced from different types of fruit peels and beta vulgaris.

Wine has been produced by mixing different types of fruit peels and Beta vulgaris.

Among all the wine attributes, the contribution of fruit peels and Beta vulgaris wine was maximum.


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