Volume-2 Issue-2 (March 2015)

List of Paper(s)/Article(s)


Title: Latency Periods and Reproductive Cycle of Breeding of Catfish

Authors: Vandna Madaan, Puneet  Sharma, Nitin Jain

Page: 1-3

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Title: Higher Plants as Indicators and Grown in Soils of Two Sodicities 

Authors: Piyush Hegu, Priya Darshan, Pankaj Pandit

Page: 4-6

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Title: Lipid Peroxidation of Evidence Linking and Osteoarthritis pain in Patients

Authors: Dr. Ranjan, Neelu Chaudhary

Page: 7-10

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Title: Plume Behaviour and Hydrochemical Characteristics of the Rever’s

Authors: Mr. Sunder, Sonia

Page: 11-14

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