Peer Review & Publication Policy

Peer Review Policy

International Journal for Applied Sciences and Biotechnology (IJRASB) aims at rapid publication of articles while maintaining rigorous peer review process, each article will be subjected to a minimum of two reviews by two individual reviewers. If their decision varies the article will be sent to a third reviewer and the editors decision is final. Reviewers will be insisted to review the paper within 10 days time and if he/ she fail to return will be sent to other reviewer for review. All authors are requested to provide at least three reviewers who can review their paper to speed up the process.

Paper Acceptance
Final decision on acceptance of the paper is with the editorial team, promotion in any form will disqualify even qualified papers. Selected papers will be put in queue for publication, once the article is published author will get a confirmation mail from the corresponding editor and also an SMS alert will be send. Provisional pdf will be uploaded in the journal page, it is mandatory that at least one of the authors should be our member. In no case articles having more than 5 authors will be considered unless justification is provided for the work done by the concerned authors in the research done. Review articles are permitted only with 2 authors, if more than 2 authors had completed a review work which is submitted for publication they are requested to submit a detailed report about the contribution of each authors in the review work. The provisional pdf status will be removed after receiving membership form duly filled with copyright transfer form.

IJRASB journal follow Creative Commons License 3.0, authors are instructed to send a copyright declaration and license agreement attached with article while submission. Please sign the form and scan it and attach in email or submit through our Whatsapp number available on website.

Publishing Method
All articles accepted for publication will be published only online, IJRASB is an online journal. Authors are free to download their papers at any time, no reprints or any other format of accepted article will be provided. Initially provisional pdf will be uploaded in the journal pages, which will be converted as full paper upon receipt of membership and copyright forms duly filled and signed.

The peer review process of IJRASB

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