Editorial Board

Dr. Satish Chandra
Qualification: PhD in Zoology
Affiliation: Department of Zoology, Charak Institute of Education, Maura, IIM Road, Lucknow- 226020, U.P., INDIA.
Country: INDIA
Mobile: (+91)-9936407231
Social Link: linkedin.com/in/dr-satish-chandra-a6607525
Web Link: https://orcid.org/0000-0001-7239-756X
Email: editor@ijrasb.com

Editorial Board Member

Fig Dr. Sanyogita Shahi
Qualification: Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry, M.Sc. in Organic Chemistry, B.Sc. in Chemistry, Botany, Zoology
Affiliation: Professor of Organic Chemistry, Kalinga University
Country: INDIA
Email: rsanyogitashahi@gmail.com
Fig Dr. Qayssar Joudah Fadheel
Qualification: Ph.D. in Pharmacology and Therapeutics, M.Sc. in Pharmacology and Therapeutics, B.Sc. in Pharmaceutical sciences
Affiliation: Head of Department of Pharmacognosy and Medicinal Plants, University of Kufa
Country: IRAQ
Email: qayssarj.fadheel@ukufa.edu.iq
Fig Dr. Laith Jaafar Hussein Hnoosh
Qualification: Ph.D. in Agricultural Marketing Extension, M.Sc. in Agricultural Marketing Extension, B.Sc. in Agricultural Extension & Education
Affiliation: Asst. Professor of Agricultural Extension & Marketing, University of Kufa
Country: IRAQ
Email: laithj.hnoosh@uokufa.edu.iq
Fig Dr. Faeq Abdallah Mohammed AL-Temimei
Qualification: Ph.D. in Theoretical of Physics, M.Sc. in Theoretical of Physics, B.Sc. in Physics Sciences
Affiliation: Department of Physics College of Sciences, University of Kufa
Country: IRAQ
Email: faeqa.jasim@uokufa.edu.iq || faeqali86@yahoo.com
Fig Dr. Binod Bihari Sahu
Qualification: Ph.D. in Life Science, M.Sc. in Botany, B.Sc. in Botany
Affiliation: Assistant Professor, National Institute of Technology, Rourkela, Odisha
Country: INDIA
Email: sahub@nitrkl.ac.in || binodbiharisahu@gmail.com
Fig Dr. Ferit Gürbüz
Qualification: Ph.D. in Mathematics, M.Sc. in Mathematics, B.Sc. in Mathematics
Affiliation: Assistant Professor, Hakkari University, Hakkari
Country: TURKEY
Email: feritgurbuz84@hotmail.com || feritgurbuz@hakkari.edu.tr
Fig Prof. Dr. I. Manavalan – Director, Hans Roever Institute of Skill Development – HRISD.
Qualification: Ph. D., M. Phil., M. E., M. A.
Affiliation: National Institute of Technology, Tamil University, Annamalai University and Alagappa University
Country: INDIA
Email: imanavalan56@gmail.com
Fig Dr. Mrs. Ifeyinwa Felicia Okonkwo
Qualification: PhD, M. Tech., AMLST, B. Sc.
Affiliation: Nnamdi Azikiwe University PMB 5025 Awka, Anambra
Country: NIGERIA
Email: iphyokonkwo@yahoo.com
Fig Dr. Kshitij Shinghal
Qualification: PhD in Electronics & Communication
Affiliation: MIT, Moradabad
Country: INDIA
Email: kshinghal@gmail.com
Fig Dr. Abhishek Mathur
Qualification: PhD in Botony
Affiliation: Institute of Transgene Life Sciences, Dehradun
Country: INDIA
Email: abhishekk.mathur@gmail.com
Fig Dr Michael E G Lyons
Qualification: PhD in Botony
Affiliation: Trinity Electrochemical Energy Conversion and Electrocatalysis (TEECE) Group, School of Chemistry, University of Dublin Trinity College, Dublin 2
Country: IRELAND
Email: eg.lyons@gmail.com
Fig Dr. Venu Kamarthapu
Qualification: PhD in Micro-Biology
Affiliation: New York University Langone Medical Center, NY
Country: USA
Email: kamarthapu.venu. bi@rediffmail.com
Fig Prof. Dr. Yusuf BOZKURT
Qualification: PhD in Aquaculture
Affiliation: Iskenderun Technical University
Country: TURKEY
Email: yusuf.aqua@hotmail.com
Fig Dr. Nouby Mahdy Ghazaly
Qualification: PhD in Visual Communication
Affiliation: Minia University
Country: EGYPT
Email: nm.ghazaly@hotmail.com
Fig Dr. Alagu Lakshmanan. G. M.
Qualification: PhD in Botany
Affiliation: Annamalai University, Annamalai Nagar
Country: INDIA
Email: alagu.lakshmanan@gmail.com
Fig Prof. Dr. Kewen Zhao
Qualification: PhD in Sociology
Affiliation: Institute of Applied Mathematics & Information Sciences, Qiongzhou University
Country: CHINA
Email: zhao.kewen@hotmail.com
Fig Dr. Mohammed Ali Hussain
Qualification: PhD in Zoology
Affiliation: Sri Sai Madhavi Institute of Science & Technology
Country: INDIA
Email: moh.aliHussain@yahoo.com
Fig Dr. B. Thippeswamy
Qualification: PhD in Microbiology
Affiliation: Kuvempu University, Shivamogga
Country: INDIA
Email: b.thippeswamy@gmail.com
Fig Dr. Ahmed Nabih Zaki Rashed
Qualification: PhD in Microbiology
Affiliation: Menoufia University
Country: EGYPT
Email: rashed.anz@hotmail.com
Fig Ms. Amani Tahat
Qualification: Ph.D physics
Affiliation: Technical University of Catalonia
Country: SPAIN
Email: tahat.amani@yahoo.com

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